Announcing Canada's own, Dusted or better known as Brian of Holy Fuck! Dusted is an Indie-Rock project but I like to describe their genre as one of my favorite projects of all time.

I love songs that are a little creepy or a lot creepy. Dusted's genre is one of my favorite genres and makes me reminisce all the sad/horror films in my mental video collection. The genre of Dusted is unique from using instruments of all genres in my opinion and shall be on the radio.

Recently Dusted released a new release called, Blackout Summer, a wonderful album. This album has nine beautiful tracks that make you happy. 

Every time I hear the full-length, I feel like I am in a mixed genre of movies. Most of the songs make me feel like I am in horror films. All types of horror films I feel for each song. Could be slasher all the way to western horrors.

I enjoy this album so much but there is one song that is my favorite:
Backwoods Ritual

I love this project too much so I am giving it 5 out of 5 Andrews.